A new version of the photorealistic mode NaturalVision Remastered for GTA 5 is finally available

The new version of NaturalVision Remastered debuted in the Internet. It is one of the best graphics modes to Grand Theft Auto V. Unfortunately, as the creator of this mode revealed, this is the last update of such a big size.

Take-Two Interactive company boasted that the sales of Grand Theft Auto V have exceeded 100 million copies. It is just the third game in the history that managed to do that.

NaturalVision is one of the most popular and one of the best graphics modes to Grand Theft Auto V. Its original version was prepared on the base of VisualV (and it also required it for proper work). It had its debut two years ago. Less than a year later, the Remastered version was released, becoming a complete renewal of the modification. It was very warmly received by the community, and its author, who is hiding behind the nickname Razed, did not rest on his laurels and continued his work. The result of this work was a new version of NaturalVision Remastered, which debuted on October 24th.

You can download it by visiting the page below.

Download NaturalVision Remastered

What’s important, the installation of previous modification VisualV is not required, but it is recommended.


The list of changes and novelties introduced by the consecutive version of NaturalVision Remastered can really impress. Most of all, Razed improved weather effects – the appearance of clouds, lightning, or puddles after rain – and he fixed a number of errors (read more about this here). He also introduced several additions like for example replacement of several models of weapons, brighter rear lights in the cars, or the possibility to remove the wet effect of the roadway. You can turn them on and off freely – all of this just to make sure the player can adjust the appearance of the game to his or her own preferences.

gta 5 natural vision

At this point you may ask yourself a question: Is NaturalVision Remastered influence the way Grand Theft Auto V work? The answer is “No”. The number of FPS should remain the same, just like in case of non-modified version of the game. Unless we decide to use an optional option ReShade, which improved antialiasing of the cars. Then the FPS drops may be noticeable.

gta 5 graphics mod

Razed spent more than 4000 hours on creating NaturalVision. He analyzed hundreds of photographs and recordings from the Los Angeles area and the Salton Sea Lake just to make sure that thanks to various graphics effects the climate of southern California is reflected the best way it is possible. However, his journey with this mode slowly comes to an end. As he noted in the official message, there will be no more major updates in NaturalVision Remastered. There will only be small patches that aim to eliminate major bugs and that aim to introduce some smaller elements that he wasn’t able to implement on time. What will be the next project? Modder hopes to see Red Dead Redemption II on PC next year, so he can deal with enhancing its graphics.

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