gta 6 leaks

The fan will drive in GTA 5, until GTA 6 is released.

A dedicated fan of the GTA series decided to start his marathon – he’ll drive in the 5th series around San Andreas until the release of the 6th series.The venture can be followed live on the YouTube platform.

gta 6 leaks

One of the GTA fans – running a 10HoursMovies channel on YouTube – decided to play GTA5 and drive around the metropolis of San Andreas until the debut of the 6th series. He’s already managed to drive more than 2000 laps, but taking into account the fact that GTA VI hasn’t been officially announced, it looks like it’s only the beginning of a journey. The broadcast can be watched live.

The Unofficial GTA VI Marathon

If you doubt whether this kind of marathon is good for your health, we’re comforting, that the darer talking about his venture at some point uses the plural form, which means he’s going to change the seat with another driver, so he’s not going to lose his last breath in front of the screen (not to mention the accident caused in San Andreas, which cost him his innocent, virtual life). It should be emphasised that there’re bots that enable the automatic drive in GTA V, but it’s hard to say if the dare gamer’s going to use such tools (on the one hand, it’d be nonsense, on the other hand…the whole idea is surreal enough to expect anything)

There’s also a financial aspect of it – the daredevil’s getting donations from the viewers. One can’t fully deny it’s simply a way of improving the budget… but undoubtedly quite clever and original.

We remind you that recently there’ve been new rumors about the next release of the Grand Theft Auto series – the GTA V Trevor’s character implied the game will debut in 2020 or 2021.

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