According to Rockstar, previous year was the best year in the history of GTA Online

Previous year turned out to be the best one in the history of GTA Online – a multiplayer game mode for Grand Theft Auto V that is still being developed. Rockstar has praised the fans’ involvement and confirmed that in December there was a record number of players logged to the title.


While browsing through the results of Grand Theft Auto V sales, one can forget that the title debuted on the shop shelves a few years ago. The production of Rockstar studio has beat hundreds of different popularity records and it found its way to millions of players around the world.

Multiplayer Gameplay Triumphs Amidst Years of Success

Multiplayer gameplay module of GTA V that is still being developed by the producers enjoys unquestionable popularity. The authors systematically add new content and expand it month after month.
The authors boasted that the past year occurred to be the best year in the history of GTA Online. Although authors do not provide us with specific data, they confirm that in December the record number of players logged in to the game.

To fully comprehend the scale of the situation, we should recall the statistics from 2015, where, according to the research, the average of 8 million people logged to the game at least once a week. Except for that, according to the latest information, there was a total amount of 85 million copies fo GTA V sent to the shops. The indicator of the best year in the history of GTA Online are surely the record revenues which were guaranteed by micro-transactions.

The developer of the game, together with Take-Two company, don’t like to speak loudly regarding revenues generated by their game. However, thanks to financial reports we know that we are talking here about hundreds of millions of dollars per quarter.Let’s remind that GTA Online has been enriched with a new luxury car called Lampadati Viseris in just this week. Players will ble able to purchase virtual currency and selected vehicles together with accessories, as well as gain more rewards for completing specific contracts to January 15th.

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