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Take Two registers another trademarks related to GTA Online

Take 2 Interactive registered two new trademarks associated with the online module GTA V – GTA Online in the American patent office. It’s “GTa” and “GTaO”

gta online

Securing the Future: Unveiling Take 2’s Trademark Strategy

The publisher of Grand Theft Auto V – Take 2 Interactive company – has registered in American patent office two trademarks. They are associated with GTA Online, the online game mode of afore-mentioned production. It’s “GTa” and “GTaO”. In both cases they were presented as specimen on the cover of GTA5 for Xbox One version.


Multiplayer gameplay module of GTA V that is still being developed by the producers enjoys unquestionable popularity. The authors systematically add new content and expand it month after month.The authors boasted that the past year occurred to be the best year in the history of GTA Online. Although authors do not provide us with specific data, they confirm that in December the record number of players logged in to the game.

Is Rockstar studio, the aprt of Take 2, going to change the logo of its flag series or its online game mode? Not necessarily. The company has already gotten the right for “Grand Theft Auto Online”. The newt patents can be connected with the need of securing an abbreviated term. There is also the possibility that trademarks have been registered just in case the company would want to use them in the future, or to make it more difficult for the competition to steal abbreviations that are naturally associated with GTA series.

The desire to secure the future for GTA Online – in every possible way – won’t surprise anyone. Multiplayer game mode for GTA5 turned out to be a gigantic success for Take Two. Up to this moment it is generating enormous revenues and it beats newer and newer records in the scope of players that enjoy themselves at the same time. The company has already announced that their consecutive productions will also contain similar solutions, which – as a result of micro-transactions and various types of additions – generate revenues long after the premiere.

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