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A former Rockstar’s employee’s portfolio confirms the works on GTA 6

A person who states to be a former R* employee set a profile on Reddit AMA, i.e., Ask Me Anything, and fans eagerly used the occasion to obtain any information on GTA VI. The shape and the answers have already been deleted, but on the Internet – likewise in mature – fortunately, nothing gets lost.

gta 6

Some QueenSferryCat states that he worked at Rockstar Games as a Junior Artist (with further promotion to Artist), so a person responsible for, e.g., creating a game world, building cities, layout of buildings, etc. Below, you’ll find a few selected questions relating to R* and future games (including GTA VI)

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Question: Is there any information/leak that you shouldn’t tell?

Answer: Frankly speaking, when I left the company, they never told me what details would be kept quiet. However, due to an agreement I signed back in 2016, all I can say is that two games were being worked on during the development of RDR II (already after the GTA V premiere)

Question: Are there any leaks already known that we can say are credible?

Answer: The leaks you’ll find HERE are surprisingly close to the truth.

Question: Will the GTA VI action be set in these days? Or will it be a comeback to the past?

Answer: Definitely, they will be current years. R*, to some extent, is trying to link the newest GTA version with GTA Online. Of course, the campaign for single-player remains the priority, and the studio will, at all costs, try to create an unforgettable history. Still, the success of GTA Online makes it so that the multiplayer, in a way, indicates the direction of the creation of the new version. We can transfer the character from GTA Online to “GTA Online 2” during the first three months of the GTA VI premiere.

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Question: Do you have any info on Bully 2? Will Bully 2 be the next game (after RDR II) released by R*?

Answer: Unfortunately, I’d never heard anything about the sequel of Bully, but I didn’t have access to all the information. Maybe Rockstar Toronto is working on the title.

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