GTA 6: 5 elements from Vice City that can be used as inspiration for the next GTA game

GTA 6: 5 elements from Vice City that can be used as inspiration for the next GTA game

The next game from the GTA series will certainly take inspiration from the innovative Vice City.

Here are some elements from GTA Vice City Rockstar that you should take inspiration from.

The GTA Series is probably one of the most influential brands in the business, and what’s more, it has something important in the game industry: cultural relevance. Though the numbers, such as sales and sold copies, guarantee the profit, to gain artistic success, the game series has to be made flawlessly.

Grand Theft Auto games were able to do so one after the other, with titles like GTA Vice City and San Andreas. Each game in the series has dedicated fans, and this kind of relationship is scarce in this business.

Of course, another anticipated release has caused a lot of noise and expectations, although Rockstar Games hasn’t announced its arrival yet.

We will look closer at the elements in Vice City that Rockstar may use to create a better experience for the next title.

Five elements from GTA Vice City that can be used as inspiration for the next game

Comeback to the 80s / older setting

Games set in modern times, aimed at creating an exciting experience matching the actual times, are often at risk of de-actualisation. In short, things considered up-to-date will eventually become old-fashioned and out-of-date.

Hence, there’s a risk that games like GTA 5 will become outdated over time and become a capsule of past time. But the game set in the past is not burdened by such a risk because its setting is already known, e.g., 1980s

Most GTA fans have never experienced the 80s themselves, so getting to know this period is always a pleasure. Rumour has it that the next Grand Theft Auto title will be set in the 80s, similar to Vice City.

Returning to the 80s would mean using the crazy retro wave culture that is being widely spread in 2020.

The matching soundtrack

Sound attention is not one of the most important things players pay attention to while waiting for a new game. However, GTA Vice City has proved that a perfect soundtrack can be the key to success in popular culture.

Vice City can boast one of the best music collections from the 80s that has always succeeded its fans. The next GTA title can thus stand out thanks to a tremendously memorable soundtrack.

Also, made of songs that fans had listened to while growing up or have known for a long time, it may have a great chance of success.

Celebrity cast

The GTA series, recently (from GTA 4), has been moving away from a star cast, including Hollywood names. Instead, it is the performance of actors who are less known in the mainstream media.

By no means, their performance is any worse, but even better. On the other hand, players can’t stop laughing when they hear Luiz Guzman swear at them in GTA Vice City.

Vice City was abundant with names from Hollywood, such as Ray Liotta, Gary Busey, Danny Trejo, Dennis Hopper, and many more. Ideally, the next game should involve only the most talented actors, not some big Hollywood names.

After all, numerous actors would appreciate the prospect of working on the new GTA.

Return to Vice City

This was number one on everyone’s list when the gossip about GTA 6 emerged on the Internet. Vice City is undoubtedly a cult city in video game history that deserves its comeback.

The series has not returned to the city since Vice City Stories PSP; fans want it back. The Miami-inspired playground is so peculiar and a place for exciting content.

The glamour and abundance of the 80s make Vice City stuck in time in its way. The city is undeniably charming, but something dark hides underneath the neon.

Strong character

The GTA protagonists are mostly great, but the quiet Claude in Grand Theft Auto 3. Yet, one individual stands out as a firm community favorite: Tommy Vercetti.

Indeed, a talented Ray Liott’s voice helped Tommy become an unforgettable character, but there were other factors. He was a man on a mission who wanted to take over the entire city, and survival alone was not an option for him.

Violent but as calculating and vengeful as each GTA protagonist, Tommy is considered the best in the series.

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