GTA V: 15 Amazing Locations You Simply Must Visit!

If you follow the main storyline, you will visit a lot of interesting places. However, San Andreas offers much more than one can see at first sight and many locations can be overlooked if we don’t decide to explore them by ourselves. On the map there are special locations that can hide some secrets or simply they are great viewing point. By using This GTA 5 apk Map,you can browse GTA 5 Map on your Android and iOS device,it will make the game easier for you, all interesting places are marked on the map.

gta 5 places

The Altruist Cult – The Chilliad Mountain is inhabited by the Altruist Cult. It is a small town of cannibals cut off the world. Trevor can deliver there hitchhikers (it is rewarded with achievements). Additionally, after the deliverance of four people, the citizens will try to abduct Trevor as well. Then, he will have to get out of there with the use of force. On the terrain of cult one can find, among other things, RPG, Assault Rifle, baseball bat, and more than 100 thousand of dollars. The easiest way to get there is by selecting Trevor, and then taking a hitchhiker. The location of the cult will be marked on the map.


Mount Chilliad – the highest peak in the game. The simplest way to get there is by using a cable cart. The place is one of the most majestic locations spots, where we can find a parachute and two motocross bikes. You can try, for example, to drive off the peak, to jump off it, or you can try and do both things at the same time, opening a parachute while being in the air with your motorcycle. What’s more, it is a place of one of the biggest mysteries in the game. In the end of the cart, you can find mysterious drawings on the wall. What’s more, at the back of main observation point, there is a text saying to return when “your journey ends”. This is a 100% completion of the game. Once you do that and you return to the peak in the middle of the night at storm, you will see a UFO above the mountain. The drawing itself can suggest that inside the mountain there are special, hidden rooms…


Fort Zancudo – a secret military base. You will find yourself near the area while completing some of the missions, but not necessarily inside, which is definitely worth visiting. We can, for example, see there Rhino tank, Lazer P-996 jet, Buzzard chopper, and even the mightiest Titan. However, entering the area of the base results in four stars. We cannot explore the base silently. The longer you stay, the harder it will be to get away because of new guards and the increasing number of heavy arsenal that will be sent to take us out. Still, you can go wild in the Fort. You can, for example, enter the main building with a tower, and then go to its top. Except for interesting training center and the view on the whole base, you will also find a lot of weapons thrown randomly around the floor in various rooms like for example M134 Minigun.


Humane Labs and Research Company – yet another secret complex and chemical laboratory. Similarly to the fort, you will be 4-star wanted once you enter its premises. This facility is visited during a mission, but only from the inside. In order to see it outside, you have to go there alone. Interestingly, you can use a taxi cab that will drive you right in front of the entrance. Still, you will be 4-star wanted right away.


Prison – Polingbroke Penitentiary is located directly south of Trevor’s hangar in Sandy Shores. It is yet another place you can visit if you are looking for some adventures. The attempt to break in to jail may end up with stars. However, you can drive around the premises freely, without any problem. Near the prison it is possible to encounters in-mates, who managed to escape. They will pretend to be hitchhikers, but in fact they will threaten you with a gun, forcing you to get out of the car and rob you. It is easy to recognize them, since they wear orange uniforms.


Ron Alternates Wind Farm – a wind farm filled with wind turbines. Airplanes and helicopters that get into these wings explode in the air, delivering a lot of fireworks and entertainment. You can, for example, attract police choppers that follow you.


VINEWOOD sign – a huge sign VINEWOOD was naturally modelled on a famous HOLLYWOOD. You can climb onto one of the letters in order to see a beautiful panorama of the entire city.


Vinewood Bowl – an amphitheater that was modelled on famous Hollywood Bowl.


Race track– gigantic race track in Vinewood.


National Office of Security Enforcement – the main headquarters, are located at the East coast. It is yet another government facility. However, unlike Zancudo Fort, the entrance to NOOSE does not cause you to get stars. You will find there, among other things, a military chopper Buzzard, which is located on the rooftop. To get it, you need to climb the ladder at the back on the right from the main entrance, and then jump through roofs in order to get to the building on the left.

gta 5 National-Office-of-security-Enforcement

Amusement Park – you can use rollercoasters or go on a trip to Ferris wheel to look at the breath-taking Los Santos from a different perspective.


Maze Bank Tower – The highest building in Los Santos, modelled on the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles. It is a perfect lookout spot. Additionally, there is a useable Helipad on the rooftop (it cannot be purchased). It is located in Pillbox Hill, in the heart of the city. If you have troubles with locating it, just look up.


Maze Bank Arena – the seat of Los Santos Panic, the local basketball team. It is a parody of Los Angeles Lakers and the recording location of Fame or Shame.


Airport – a place that is worth of more in-depth visiting is the main airport in Los Santos. You can purchase there civil airplanes, like for example Luxor. What’s more, you can also steal gigantic planes, modelled on Boeing 747, which cannot be purchased in any way. Unfortunately, you can’t keep them anywhere, because they are simply too large to fit in any hangar. What’s more, they do not have any entering animation. In order to enter them, you just need to stand near the wheel and press the button. The character will automatically appear inside. Remember that if you do not own a hangar, then the entrance on the terrain of an airport will result in a 3-star wanted pursuit.

gta 5 Airport