GTA Online: best weapon against cheaters costs a fortune

GTA Online: best weapon against cheaters costs a fortune

The battle between ordinary players and cheaters has occurred since the first multiplayer games were developed. This time, one Reddit user found a way against the cheaters using the God Mode in GTA Online.


  • Reddit’s users found a way to deal with the cheaters using God Mode;
  • Up-N-Atomizer costs 399K $
  • the gun shoots energy impulses, striking away the players, cars, and items


Once again, we are witnessing the release of players’ creativity in GTA Online. Some time ago, we mentioned the shift of Hong Kong’s protests to Los Santos’s streets. This time, though, one of Reddit’s users found a way to complicate the cheaters’ lives with God mode (immortality mode).

At least once, we have encountered a cheater in a multiplayer game. In open sessions, this problem is nothing new in GTA Online Online. We can often experience a situation in which the other player switches on cheats to show the first one he can use them better than him. Such an endless spiral is nothing pleasant for those who want to enjoy the game in peace, not using any aids. That’s why it’s good to know how ordinary players find a way to shield against cheaters and, what’s more, they can do this legally.

Why did Up-N-Atomizer annoy the cheater?

The Reddit’ s user ‘Shayankurdboy’ put on a film> in which he shows how to deal with troublesome cheaters. For this purpose, he uses Up-N-Atomizer (it was available for free at Christmas in 2018). It is expensive and costs $ 399K$ – more than most sports cars. But purchasing this weapon is a one-off; you don’t need to invest in additional ammunition, and the satisfaction of stopping the cheater is guaranteed.

This futuristic blaster only causes minor damage but works similarly to a Taser. Shayankurdboy shoots the Up-N-Automizer about every two seconds. His weapon is of great power – it attacks the hit player into the air, throws him away, then stuns and makes him unable to move freely. This way, a dishonest player (though immortal) is excluded from the game because he cannot reach for a gun. All he can do is get annoyed and leave the game.

Even though you didn’t encounter the cheaters, we encourage you to buy an Up-N-Atomizer – just in case. You don’t have to use it in a battle. It can be used, for example, to push a car if one gets blocked on its way.

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