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Another news on PC games GTA VI and RDR2?

We’re presenting another piece of information on GTA VI + a little warning, and – one of the former R* employees (accidentally?) revealed that the works on the RDR II version for PCs were or are ongoing.

gta VI

R* at E3?

One of the Reddit users revealed surprising information – R* will appear at the upcoming fair E3 2019! This information is odd because GTA and RDR creators do not care about some… game fairs…

Nevertheless, the user states that the R* presence will be a surprise, and allegedly, a new game will be demonstrated. If this is true, a more likely scenario will be the announcement of Bully’s sequel rather than GTA VI, but let’s wait and see. The post was deleted minutes after being published.

Exclusive for PS5, lack of version for current consoles

Again, the rumors have it that, allegedly, Sony paid a lump sum to T2 for making GTA6 available exclusively for PlayStation 5 (at least for some time), and it’s nearly certain that due to equipment limitations, the newest version of Grand Theft Auto will not be available on PS4/ X One.

Fake news alert!

We don’t know whether you’ve already seen an article on ASZDZIENNIK.PL site, which described numerous details on GTA VI, but we warn – the fashion for GTA6 burst out due to recent leaks, so don’t believe anything you see!

The more that on the mentioned website in the tab “About the project,” we’ll find this:

This is AZSdziennik—the best fake news in the country.

On GTASite, we endeavor to put only the more credible/ confirmed information.

It’s certain – you never know with leaks, but you can be assured that we’ll never publish such rubbish only to have more clicks. 😉

After all, the 16-year-old history means something!

RDR II for PCs!

One of the former Rockstar Games employees published the following information on his LinkedIn account.

Of course, all have been already “straightened,” and there’s nothing about Red Dead Redemption on Mr. NanMa’s profile.

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