A rumor: GTA 6 featuring three cities? Unofficial message from Rockstar Games employee

Rumors on Grand Theft Auto VI are starting to spread more and more. Today we have an unofficial message from an alleged employee of Rockstar Games, who claims that in this game production we will visit the three cities- among them, the cult Vice City.

Grand Theft Auto VI is currently the subject of rumours and speculations only, but there's a big chance that after works on Red Dead Redemption 2 are finalised, this is the next project Rockstar Games will be concentraing on. It's somehow likely that rumours are to be true.

Why do we mention this? This is because of an anonymous person, who certifies to be the company's employee in the position of QA Tester, and his new unofficial news which saw the light of day . This ‘leaker’, at the end of April, described his (alleged) employers on Glassdoor, ‘smuggling’ the alleged information on the game with the use of variation of a so-called acrostic - the first letters of the last paragraph of his review creates the following message:


From the above message we can deduct that, the three cities will be featured in Grand Theft Auto VI, i.e. Los Santos, Vice City and Liberty City. What's interesting, this information overlaps with the last week’s information, according to which, in a new Rockstar game ‘several cities’ will appear. The player will disguise in a character who will start climbing the criminal career ladder in Liberty City, and he'll accomplish his journey to a ‘dark’ peak in Vice City.

gta 6 city

It's worth a note, that anyone can actually set up an account on Glassdoor and publish a similar message, thus unless Rockstar Games spill the beans, we should treat this news with a pinch of salt. Whether this a one fan dream or factual leak we should know… well, no one knows when, as it is common for a ‘rock star’ not to rush revealing details on their works.
You must admit, however, isn't it, that Rockstar Games will not have any better occasion for the comeback to Vice City than GTA VI game? You know, The Roman numeral ,six’-VI can be perfectly incorporated in a city name…, ‘five’- V could be as well, but let's not go that deep into details.

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