gta 6 leaks

More and more leaks about GTA 6!

On Reddit, we can find many new leaks about GTA VI, which supposedly come from trusted people who worked in, e.g., Kotaku or PC Gamer. Even the employee from Rockstar Games is involved!

Someone who published leaks on Reddit is said to have a good friend who works in Rockstar Games. This employee did not confirm the rumors. However, he also did not deny what a type of acceptation is that some of these leaks are true.

gta 6 leaks

Leaks List

  • GTA VI has been under development since 2012. However, the real work started only in 2015.
  • It is yet another installment where other Rockstar studios are involved, not just one, for example, Rockstar North.
  • The project is known under the working name Project Americas. The character appeared some time ago in earlier rumors, which you can find HERE.
  • The game’s action will take place in Vice City and the new location. This location will be the reproduction of real Rio de Janeiro. Some missions will take place in Liberty City. However, we will not receive access to the city itself. It will look like Ludendorff (North Yankton) in GTA V.
  • The game will not be as realistic as RDR2. It will be a combination of realism and arcade-type gameplay.
  • There will be only one protagonist, and it will be a man.
  • The action of the game will take place in the 70s and 80s.
  • Our protagonist will be named Riciardo, and he will be trying to become the drug lord. In the beginning, we will be a cocaine smuggler from Vice City to new locations that can be found in the southern part of the United States.
  • Kacey is the name of another crucial persona.
  • The game will havee an enormous prison of massive importance for the storyline.
  • The game will have a system of chapters we know from RDR II.
  • The developer decided to focus heavily on the weather. As a result, we will witness hurricanes and floods.
  • Buildings and vehicles will change as the time goes by.
  • The economy in the game stands on a completely different level. For example, an old car will become much more valuable with time.
  • The NarcosTV series heavily inspires the game.
  • The game will offer an outstanding soundtrack with the biggest hits from the 70s and 80s.
  • The game will feature young Martin Madrazo. His father will be a great gang lord. It will be possible to complete several missions for the Madrazo family (including raiding a hostile gang).
  • Building your drug empire will be similar to what we saw in Vice City Stories, but it will be much more advanced.
  • We will not keep all the guns in ‘our pockets.’ The system we know from RDR2 or Max Payne 3 will return.
  • Your car will be something like a saddle in RDR2. It means we can store our weapons and armor in the back of our cars.
  • We can see her if we wear a bulletproof vest—no more invisible shields.
  • There will be a great deal of narration in the game – similar to Narcos, where the e main protagonist takes us through every scene on the screen in the episode.
  • Do not expect to hear English frequently while being in South America. In Vice City itself, there will be a mix of many cultures and languages.
  • The game will feature immigrant issues as well as the case of HIV.
  • The game will appear only on the newest generation consoles! PS4 and X One will be too weak.
  • Rockstar is now focusing on two games – GTA 6 and, most likely Bully 2.
  • The game is in its “pre-alpha” stage, so all the names, locations, and details can change significantly.

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