GTA 5 on PS5 & XSX - Rockstar Games knows what to do

GTA 5 on PS5 & XSX – Rockstar Games knows what to do

The players complain about the latest Rockstar decisions, shown in the proportion of likes and dislikes below the trailer revealing the GTA 5 port for upcoming consoles. The Americans know what to do, though.

Loads of games appeared on the 7th (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3) and 8th generations (Xbox One, PlayStation 4). I don’t know, though, the case where any game is to be present in three generations, apart from the Grand Theft Auto V from Rockstar Games.

The port for upcoming Sony devices was announced during the Future of Gaming event, at which we also learned about Horizon Forbidden West, Hiitman 3, or Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. After the presentation, Microsoft acted promptly, announcing that the buyers of Xbox Series X would also be able to try the updated GTA 5. But let’s start from the beginning…

GTA Online vs. Red Dead Online

GTA Online vs. Red Dead Online

The appearance of Rockstar’s logo put a smile on everyone’s face. Instantly, it recalls the great brands of American companies, like Bully and LA Noire. The hype was enormous, but its index fell literally after several seconds. Seeing Michael trying to do yoga instead of recalling the best moments when he played the leading role, I got upset that developers would rather be working on the next port than taking on a new project. But should we be surprised? – money is the main factor.

Released in 2014, the title for current generations makes a fortune. Despite getting older, Rockstar Games is constantly updating GTA Online with new content but neglecting Red Dead Online simultaneously, an online mode for the marvelous Red Dead Redemption 2. However, it should be noted that since its beginning, Red Dead Online had no aspirations to be as famous as its older and more experienced brother. The new Rockstar’s proposal opts for natural features, which means there won’t be any flying vehicles, rocket shootings at everything that moves, air or underwater races, or other activities that will, in particular, appeal to the young audience.

Comparing the two above products, we should note that GTA is far more prevalent – IP consists of many fans who will instantly buy another series release. It’s different for Red Dead Redemption, which is less known, especially in Poland. The reason was the decision of a publisher in the country not to provide Polish subtitles in the 2010 game release for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, as well as the poor availability of the title on the Polish market. The information from 10 years ago says about 2 to 4 copies of Red Dead Redemption at Media Expert on the premiere date. It doesn’t sound enough.

GTA 5 may help understand PS5 and XSX

GTA 5 may help understand PS5 and XSX

Getting back to the core of the subject – the latest move of Rockstar may appeal to many, and it has to, as probably no one from us wants other companies to be acting similarly; on the other hand, one must admit that Americans know what to do to have a lot of on their plate, and make it profitable. A GTA 5 Port for the 9th-gen consoles shouldn’t cost too much, and I’m sure that many owners of the 5th release of the title for current-gen consoles will buy one for the next generation. This will result from a low number of new titles available for the premiere of upcoming devices and pure interest in how the game and visual features will look in the updated Rockstar’s title on the new instruments of Sony and Microsoft.

The developers will undoubtedly adopt their self-made engine, Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (RAGE), for new consoles. I dare to think it’s going to be a sort of technical test on how the made-in-America engine will work on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. As for the future releases, made for the next-gen consoles, they’ll learn what to improve in them so that they’ll become bestsellers ranked 10 out of 10 in reviews. One may say that GTA 5 port for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One allowed the creators to some extent to get to know the devices of ‘the blues’ and ‘greens,’ which led to a greatly made Red Dead Redemption 2, which is hard to spot an error, not to mention those critical, forcing the restart of applications or the console alone.

Rockstar Games should deliver a bunch of titles for PS5 I XSX


The currently made GTA 6 will take a similar route. The game should have its debut for 9th gen consoles, and I won’t be surprised if it can be found on the 10th – even perhaps the 11th? It’s very likely, looking at what Rockstar Games is doing. But wouldn’t we be acting the same, knowing the profitability of our actions and that the money earned would be spent on other projects and the team’s expansion?

I’m sure we’ll receive many more products dedicated to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X from Rockstar Games. Most employees will undoubtedly be developing the new release of the discussed brand, and those minor teams may be working on continuing the vividly welcomed Bully and LA Noire. Numerous times, the players expressed their interest in the next series of these IPs, and the American company has proved at least a few times to have considered their fans’ requests.

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