GTA 6 inspired by the TV series Narcos?

The user of Reddit shared information regarding the latest part of Grand Theft Auto. According to this news, the next instalment will take us back to Vice City and we will take the role of Ricardo who is smuggling drugs.

gta 6 narcos

New leaks regarding the latest part of Grant Theft Auto appearedtonight on Reddit. The user named JackOLantern1982 claims that he has information from two trusted friends who work in such places as Kotaku or PC Gamer. Besides that, his colleague who works for Rockstar and earlier on he was denying all the information, laughed this time and said that he cannot talk about it anyway.

According to this information, the newest part of GTA has been in development since 2012. However, everything sped up only in 2015 (still we need to remember that back then even Red Dead Redemption 2 had bigger priority). Its working name is Project Americas (however it is almost certain that it won’t be the final title), and the entire game is heavily inspired by the Netflix production, Narcos. The game will be set in 1970-1980 in two locations – Vice City and new fictional city that will be modelled after Rio de Janeiro. Besides that, several missions will take place in Liberty City. However, there won’t be possible to move freely on the area (just like in the city of Ludendorff in GTA 5).

This time we will be personating one hero, a man named Ricardo. This information does not correspond to leaks from 2017, which claimed that one of the playable characters will be woman. Our journey will begin as a drug smuggler from Vice City to a new town. While playing, it will be possible to make friends with bigger dealers in the neighbourhood. At the same time, we will trying to become the drug king ourselves. We will encounter young Martino Madrazo, whose father will be one of the drug barons and at the same time our employer for some time. The way we will try and build our empire will look similarly to what we saw in Vice City Stories. However, it will happen on a much bigger scale. The developers are working on a realistic soundtrack that will suit 70s and 80s.

gta 6 vcity

When it comes to gameplay itself, the authors are planning to keep the balance between realism and gameplay. The game won’t be as realistic as RDR 2. However, just as Red Dead Redemption 2, it will not be possible to keep all the arsenal with us or in our backpack. Our car will be a kind of hiding place as well as storage room, just as horse saddles RDR2. Buildings and vehicles will change with time. For example, the older and less common vehicles will become more expensive as the time goes by. The game will contain weather events such as hurricanes or floods, and many characters will speak their native language, which will make the gameplay much more realistic.

Rumours also say that the production will appear only after the newest generation consoles appear. However, precise date of release is yet unknown.In this extensive entry there was also information that at the same time producers work on yet another title, which most likely is Bully 2. In one of the comments author revealed that in the next instalment we will once again personate Jimmy who is a first-year student on the university. However, let us remember that all these information are not confirmed in any way. As it happens in case of Internet rumours as well as leaks, we should always take them with a grain of salt. Still, the fans of the series should believe that the return to Vice City will happen in the latest part of Grand Theft Auto.

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