GTA Online: Is it time for alien invasion and zombie plague?

It’s been a long time since GTA Online was realistic. Consecutive additions just intensified the change of this game into colourful sandbox that provides great gameplay. We’ve got here flying and diving cars, strenuous stunts on tracks taken straight from Trackmania type of game, and huge arsenal of military equipment. When we compare this company, the alien invasion or zombie plague wouldn’t make a big impression.


Gradual changes

In the first years, GTA Online has been trying to stick to some of the realistic elements without ruining a coherent vision of the world we know in GTA V. Another additions issued in years 2013-2014 have given us new sports cars, new types of equipment, new game modes, new missions and tasks for flying school in Los Santos. The biggest addition in 2015 was the introduction of heist missions, which also stuck to relatively realistic concept. It is hard to talk about excessive realism in the situations, where the band of murderous types, usually occupied with assaulting neighbouring grocery stores, break into the aircraft carrier deck, eliminate all the Marines that station there, and in the end they steal Hydra… but you know… Later it was much worse. At least in terms of realism.


When did GTA Online break up with its form?

Around the end of 2016. After Heists in 2015, we received a huge amount of another updates that introduced interesting game modes (including events from free game mode) and incredibly interesting DLC Lowriders with storyline surrounding Lamar, well known character from GTA V. Besides that, Executives and Other Criminals were additions, where we received VIP tasks and of course Further Adventures in Finance & Felony, where in addition to huge number of vehicles, we also received the CEO office and storages. In 2016 there were two huge additions that were added to the game – Bikers, which focused on the activity of motorcycle gangs, and Import/Export. This addition put emphasis on acquiring and selling cars. None of them; however, was changing the already fixed concept of the game, which was to relatively stick to reality. Except for Cunning Stunts addition from July 2016.Then, we received tracks we know from Trackmania – numerous tubes, loops, tunnels, ramps – in a word it was a lot of fun which is a great counterbalance to heists or tasks related to managing the business. At the same time, it was the first update, which was so clear in breaking up with realism, moving towards unrestricted gameplay.

gta zmobie

Then it was worse

In December 2016, GTA Online received a generally praised addition called Import/Export, which was also quite close to realistic fundaments of the game. If not for some of the new vehicles. It was in this DLC, when the game has been enriched with such machines as:

▪Rocket Voltic – a car with jet engine

▪Phtantom Wedge – a tractor with huge bulldozer on the front

▪Ruiner 2000 – a Knight Rider auto equipped with carbines, rocket launchers and parachute, and the possibility to jump.

This was the first time the game received vehicles, which didn’t have much in common with realism. They were prepared for players who seek for unrestricted entertainment in less serious tone in GTA Online.

2017-2018 – the years of change

In December 2017 there were new heists available in the game – Doomsday Heists, and together with this DLC there were tasks with invisible opponents or quite large number of new cars that didn’t have anything in common with realism. A great example worth mentioning is famous Deluxo (flying car), Thruster – jetpack and Stomberg – auto with the option to dive.

zombies in gta 5

The reason for this change in terms of the vision of the development in GTA Online is rather obvious. It all comes down to reaching the largest audience it is possible. GTA Online has to be colourful, spectacular, and it has to provide us with huge amount of gameplay, so it is interesting piece of production not only for the older fans of gangster series, but also younger players.

gta v

Zombie invasion? Alien apocalypse?

We are heading to the question from the head title. Has the time finally come for two final DLCs – alien invasion and zombie plague? Three years ago it would not fit GTA Online, not at all. However, at this moment? When taking into account diving cars or the large number of overloaded machines like bombers, capable of air raids, the alien invasion would not ruin the coherent of the whole universe at all.
The same thing concerns zombie plague – we would at least get new opponents. The possibility to exterminate the undead is also a great idea if we wish to use huge number of equipment that was added in the last several months – tanks, fighters, bombers, explosive ammunition… All these things are just waiting, so we can use them.

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