There is a new version of GTA 5 Redux modification

Josh Romito released yet another update for GTA 5 Redux modification, which he has been working on for more than a year. Besides visual corrections, the mod also offers better animation and physics of independent characters.We can see another version of GTA 5 Redux modification to Grand Theft Auto V, labeled with number 1.3. Created by Josh Romito in September 2016, the mod improves the production of Rockstar and introduces several changes in the gameplay and in the game world.

The latest update introduces the range of improvements. One of the most important ones is more reliable physics of independent figures as well as improvements in animations as well as the elimination of some of graphical bugsregarding lightning and shadows, causing troubles with stability. The modification can be downloaded from the official page of the project. At the same time Romito assured that the current version of modification is not the last one, and he already started working on 1.4 update.
Download GTA V Redux modification

new gta 5 redux

Among other elements worth mentioning, one should know that from this moment GTA 5 Redux has got its own intro and logo in the menu. Except for that, we can once again see weather effects that were changed. Now they proceed one after another in more natural way. Besides that, there is a global and volumetric lightning added as well as improved water and clouds.

When it comes to other visual aspects, one can see bettered appearance of roads, advertisements, billboards, and litters scattered on the streets. The resolution of some textures were also changed to Ultra HD. It includes plants, trees, fire, and explosions. If you wish to play Grand Theft Auto V in much more detailed and sharp graphics settings, there is nothing to wait for – GTA 5 Redux improves a lot in this marvelous production, and taking into account Romito’s attachment to the smallest details, it will certainly not end now.

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