Online players discovered an interesting bug that allowed them to duplicate cars

Online players discovered an interesting bug that allowed them to duplicate cars

In GTA Online exists a glitch thanks to which you can duplicate the chosen cars, using prostitutes as well as the Mobile Operation Centre (MOC).
Rockstar tried to fix the bug at the beginning of March, but the players already found the way to recreate it.

GTA Online exists a glitch

At the beginning of this year the GTA Online players discovered an interesting bug that allowed them to duplicate cars. The trick was that you should pick up a prostitute at night and make it impossible for her to leave the vehicle near to MOC (e.g. parking close enough to the wall). Next, the player was choosing from the garage a vehicle which he wanted to clone and transported it next to MOC. From there it was getting even more interesting. You were supposed to shoot the prostitute locked in the other car, and then drive the selected car to and from MOC. If the whole mission was successful, then afterwards the players could find the same car in their garage (still having the one they’d driven to MOC).

Car Duplication Glitch Persists Despite Rockstar’s Fix

At the start of March Rockstar fixed this bug, but the players didn’t need much time to discover how to duplicate selected cars in a very similar way. The whole mission begins the same, so from taking a prostitute at night and blocking her way out of the car near the MOC. You then have to scare her (e.g. shooting in the air), and then shoot several times at the bonnet so that the car starts to burn. Then the player needs to phone the insurance company, drive the car, which he wants to clone, out of the garage, kill the prostitute (who then just disappears) and drive the selected car to MOC. After the successful mission the cloned vehicle will be waiting in the garage. For your convenience, you can watch the steps in the below video, in practice.

One of the ‘Tez2’ dataminers, on the Polygon portal, explained that primarily Rockstar wanted to fix the glitch in the way that a prostitute would die straight after the shooting, which was to make the whole mission unable to carry out, since, no one knows why, for it to be successful the woman had to be alive. Players came up with an idea that by setting the car on fire they would use the bug, while the prostitute closed inside would be dying slowly and they would then themselves kill her off.

The glitch has become popular as, despite appearances, it’s easy to recreate, and the duplicated rare cars can be sold later for a lot of bucks. Though one should bear in mind that Rockstar will do everything they can to get rid of the bug as soon as possible.

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