What will GTA 6 be like? – Analysis of all leaks and rumours

GTA is one of the few series whose new installments cause a lot of hype and fuss. It happens even long before it hits the store shelves. Partially, it is due to the Rockstar Games studio’s reputation. British developer has been releasing nominee-like productions for almost 2 decades now.

The entire setting of this cycle is also essential – its consecutive parts used themes or subjects that many other works in this industry can’t afford to use. Violence, sex, tortures, and politics are presented without any restrictions – in Grand Theft Auto, you can find everything, quite often in the form of a cruel satire. As a result, this is an accurate comment on the reality surrounding us. GTA is famous for being controversial, for mocking everything and everyone, and for being provocative. In addition, it is an excellent series in which it is hard to point out any mistakes, even if we may feel that the title might have gone too far with some aspects. And, among other things, this makes this game loved by millions of payers worldwide.

It is no different with yet another installment of this series. Although GTA 6 has not been officially announced, it appears regularly in our newsroom, always accompanied by “rumors” or “leaks.” That is why let us look at everything that has been said about the next Rockstar Games project and what kind of details and information mysterious “anonymous sources” provided us.

Is it worth believing?

Leaks may vary. Sometimes, they are true, but in other cases, they are not, and it isn’t easy to find any common sense. However, at least some of this information is undoubtedly legitimate. Keeping a secret in a situation when it is well known by developing studio members, marketers, publishers, and employees of gigantic shop chains and digital stores, as well as their families, is very difficult. Now, from 5 to 10 thousand people worldwide know about the details of GTA 6. It is not surprising that some of these people spill the beans.

Platforms: GTA 6 on PS4 or PS5?

gta 6 ps5

Although we still do not know when GTA 6 will appear on the market, we can certainly play this game on the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett. Rumors about that have been said several times this year. At first, we leaked to the Pastebin service that suggested that due to technological limitations (particularly in the scope of RAM), the Rockstar Games developers wouldn’t be able to complete their vision of the game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This is why this title will be available solely on the newest consoles. 

The topic returned not long ago because in October, After the official release and presentation of PlayStation 5, the anonymous European developer admitted that he worked on the AAA type of title being created on the newest Sony gaming platform. Moreover, this person claimed to possess a wide range of information about the console and the game on it. This man confirmed earlier reports, stating that GTA 6 will appear on the newest generation consoles. There is more – the Japanese supposedly emphasized making the next installment of the Rockstar Games gangster series exclusive for their platform – even if it would be complete only for a month. It is worth noting that the same person was the source of information regarding PS5 components –the details revealed in December 2018 were accurate. Therefore, we cannot rule out the possibility of this being true. Of course, the game’s premiere on new consoles does not exclude the conversion for personal computers. It seems pretty likely, although you will probably have to wait a little longer. 

What will new consoles be capable to do?

We already know that both next generation consoles – PS5 and Xbox Scarlett – will use components from AMD. Their heart will be a specially modified CPU from the Ryzen line. It will be created based on Zen 2 structure. Although, according to recent reports, it will be rather “Zen 2.5”.The Navi series will be responsible for graphic calculations. This series includes Radeon RX 5700 and 5700 XT. The specification will be completed by fast RAM memory and SSD hard drive.

Place of action – the east coast, or maybe… the whole United States?

There are many indications that the action of Grand Theft Auto VI will take place on the US east coast. Numerous sources suggest that we will receive the opportunity to explore several cities – the most often name that we see is Vice City (a fictional metropolis based on Miami that already appeared in GTA: Vice City in 2002) as well as Liberty City (alternative version of New York we visited in GTA III and GTA IV. The rumors from March 2018 and the ones from May and June this year claim that. The mysterious developer of PlayStation 5 also tells us about Miami and New York.


ome reports suggest that the game world may be even more extensive. We may find a third city on the map, and it may be Los Santos. However, it can be a completely new place based in Orlando or Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The second option is that in the latest Rockstar Games production, we will find ourselves outside the borders of the United States. It is worth noting that travels to South America appear even in the leak by The Know channel from March 2018. Is there something to it?


The leak from September this year mentions two completely different cities – Las Venturas (fictional Las Vegas) and San Fierro (an alternative version of San Francisco). They might appear on one gigantic map, which will be four times bigger than the one from GTA V. Interestingly, one of the rumors (from August 2017) says that the developers were thinking about moving the action to… London. This idea was, however, abandoned. 

Indeed, the most interesting and exciting possibility appeared in the latest leak from May 2019. According to information, the action of Grand Theft Auto VI will take place in… almost the entire United States. The map would include all the iconic locations and cities we know from current installments. The source of this information is a negative rating issued to Rockstar Games on Glassdoor, where employees anonymously comment on employers. A similar concept appeared in one of the GTA Forum posts a year ago. Its author suggested he was working on a GTA 6 map covering the entire USA. The idea seems wild and highly ambitious. However, isn’t it exactly what we learned to expect from “Rock Stars”?

Storyline and heroes (or heroines) in GTA 6

Most of the leaks suggest that we shouldn’t expect any surprises regarding what story we receive. The most likely scenario is that it will be a classic story about a gangster who started at the bottom of the food chain and became one of the most remarkable gangsters. We will start our journey by collecting debts and petty thefts. With time, we will gain more contacts, earn huge money, get new toys, and gradually become “the one who knocks” – the badass and the boss of all bosses – a quick explanation for all the readers who did not watch the Breaking Bad series. 

Speaking of a hero, we should use the plural form because many things suggest that, similarly to what GTA v offered, the newest edition of the cycle will let us control several protagonists. Moreover, one of the main characters will be a woman for the first time in the series’s history. The leak from August 2017 suggests that it will be… a prostitute named Theresa. The same source tells us that the two other characters will be the nightclub owner and the redneck, namely, a stereotypical citizen of the American countryside. The last character will likely resemble a famous Trevor from GTA 5, but he seems calmer. On the other hand, the latest leak (September) indicates that there will be two characters – a woman and a man. However, there are no further details about that.

The idea recurring in several rumors about a female protagonist seems very interesting, and it would allow producers to show some things from a completely different perspective. Truth be told, if we were to indicate one rumor on GTA 6 that is the most probable at this moment, then it would be this information


The leak from June offers us a completely different concept of the main character and the storyline in GTA 6. According to this leak, we will receive one protagonist. It will be a man named Ricardo, who deals with drug trafficking across the southern border of the USA (which fits the earlier rumors of South America). The history of this character would be inspired by the Netflix TV series Narcos (two seasons told us the story of a drug lord – Pablo Escobar. Perhaps this will be the inspiration for creating a new character). 

Gameplay and premiere date

The smallest amount of information from these leaks concerns the mechanics and gameplay of the game. However, we can find a few things. Rumors from June (from which we learned about Narcos inspiration) also mention keeping the balance between having a simple life and entertainment. Supposedly, we shouldn’t expect to get such realistic ideas as in the case of Red Dead Redemption II (which suggests there will be no hunger meter, for example). However, it doesn’t change the fact that there will still be solutions that will improve the game’s immersion.

The characters will speak in various languages, and the value of items and buildings will change as time goes by (which tells us that the production will present a long-lasting story). Moreover, there might even be extreme weather, such as hurricanes or floods. According to this source, finding a mechanic responsible for developing a criminal underworld might be possible, similar to what we had in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories but much more expanded. 


The above highly advanced weather system information appeared in the leak from September this year. Another leak from the same month suggests that Rockstar is going to make changes in gun trading – laying your hands on the heaviest of weapons, namely rocket launchers, will be much more difficult (though not impossible). In the game, it is said that there will also be heists, managing your own business, and access to numerous mini-games like, for example, carnival games, gambling, rafting, or bowling. The same source tells us some information about buildings – supposedly, in the cities, there will be more places where we can enter, particularly shopping malls, fast food restaurants, police stations, and petrol stations

When will we play GTA 6?

The information most often repeated in rumors about GTA 6 concerns the premiere date. Most leaks suggest the game will hit the market in 2020 or 2021. Similarly, a previously mentioned source connected with PS5 claimed that another title from Rockstar Games studio will be available during the winter holidays of 2020. Next year, as one of the possibilities, was also suggested by a leak published on the forum 4Chan in September 2017 (the second date they gave us was 2019, which we can indeed exclude).

2020 or 2021 as premiere dates also appeared in a recent statement by Steven Ogg. He was a voice-over actor who starred as Trevor in GTA V. He stated that games (probably productions made by Rockstar Games) need 7 to 8 years to be produced. As we know, the last installment of the series debuted in 2013. From time to time, other dates appear in this type of announcement. For example, the leak from The Know channel from March 2018 shows a distant date, 2022. Information from September suggests that the game will be announced at the end of next year, indicating a date is far away from this moment. 

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