GTA Online – Rockast is preparing a brand new heist, this time on the casino

Grant Theft Auto Online will most likely receive yet another place to rob with our friends, namely the casino. A teaser that Rockstar Games uploaded on the twitter suggests it.

On July 23th this year happened something a lot of Grant Theft Auto Online fans wanted. In a blockbusting multiplayer game mode for GTA V the casino known as Diamond Casino & Resort opened its business. At least for those, who bought the entry.Along with the casino, the authors offered us new cars, missions, luxury suite, and even gambling mini games, which where restricted in some of the European countries. Although the casino debut was a huge success, a lot of people were still missing one thing – the possibility of robbing this business. It looks like this is about to change.Rockstar Games published a very short teaser on their Twitter official account, suggesting that in GTA Online there will be new content in the form of Diamond Casino & Resort heist


The above ten-second teaser does not show much – merely some advertisements of Diamond Casino & Resort, which is entitled as “Score Big in Los Santos”. However, the title is in a moment disrupted by the image from the security camera and the face of Lester, who is well known character and heist specialist from GTA V We do not know whether we can expect a full version of the trailer that may offer us the alleged heist.

If there will be a chance to rob Diamond Casino & Resort in Grand Theft Auto Online, then it will be the first new heist in the game since the end of 2017, when The Doomsday Heist debuted. However, it was filled with many exaggerated and not too serious topics. That is why not everyone enjoyed it. In case of casino heist, there is a chance that we will go back to classic things like we could witness in the movies about Danny Ocean and his crew. 


Although Grand Theft Auto Online is on the market for five years, it still brings huge profits from micropayments.The best proof is latest financial report of Take-Two Interactive company. For this reason we can expect that Rockstar Games will support online game mode for GTA V for a bit longer. 

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