Rumours: GTA 6 is the new Project Americas – two versions of Bully 2 on the road

There have been new rumours regarding new titles by Rockstar Games. According to the latest leak, alleged Project Americas is indeed the sixth edition of Grand Theft Auto series. Before that there will be Bully II on consoles and PC. Is it yet another example of how creative Internet can be, or perhaps there is something more to it?

gta 6 leaks

From quite a long time the fans of Rockstar Games, who are waiting for some new information about the latest plans of the studio, haven’t got many reasons to smile. The company hasn’t shared anything interesting from the moment Red Dead Redemption 2 had its premiere. The only thing that may put smile on our faces are rumours. One of the latest rumours is the leak fromCurvyLava (a user from Reddit), who shares some interesting things about upcoming Rockstar projects. The author refers to a source inside the studio Rockstar India. Bear in mind that so far there have been no confirmations whatsoever that could verify this information. It might as well be another work of bored Internet user that will never be accurate. That is why we recommend taking these reports with a grain of salt. 


Huge chunk of information given by CurvyLava regards Grand Theft Auto VI, which is being developed under the name of Project Americas. This is not the first time that we hear this name. It appeared for the first time at the beginning of this year via Inside Gaming YouTube channel. Later on, this name appeared in several other (mostly fake) rumours. The latest rumour claims that actual production of GTA 6 began in the middle of 2018. The title will be similar to fifth edition of the cycle in many aspects. However, there will be lots of noticeable changes. One of the most important novelties will be the system of dynamic weather. It is said to be be much more than just aesthetic change. While playing, we might got hit by lightning, see and experience flood, or even see a tornado during campaign. 


When it comes to the game world, the current version of the map will be bigger than the one from GTA V. Locations will include more than just Vice City and surroundings that the fans already know. In addition to that, there will be also Liberty City. However, the second city will be available only while completing particular missions. It means that it won’t be possible to freely roam around Liberty City. The interesting thing is the introduction of much more dynamic system responsible for building changes. Nevertheless, the author of these rumours did not decide to share any other information about that subject. The same thing concerns multiple endings, which base on the choices players make. The second title mentioned in the leak is Bully 2. The continuation of “school GTA” will appear on personal computers as well as console of this and newer generations (just like reports from August told us). 

In the case of the latter and PC, we can hope for receiving an access to ray tracing technology, what is a kind of test before the later release of GTA VI.  

That’s it when it comes to the most important information revealed by CurvyLava. Once again we remind you about taking these rumours with a grain of salt. The last leak of this type was quickly disproved by JasonSchreier from Kotaku service. Will this time be any different? We will see in the future whether these rumours are of any value. 

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