GTA 6 - actor reveals

GTA 6 – actor reveals

The actor Jorge Consejo revealed that he dubbed the voice for one of the characters that is to appear in GTA 6. The leaked information says that the character’s nickname in the game is “The Mexican,” and the dialogue was allegedly recorded in 2018. This may suggest that the work on the new Grand Theft Auto release series is already at its peak.


  • The Mexican actor Jorge Consejo published the post in his career portfolio, implying that he’d worked on the voice recording for GTA 6.
  • The actor was to play a character called “The Mexican.”
  • Consejo didn’t want to say anything more on the subject

Severe leaks suggest that the studio Rockstar Games is working on Grand Theft Auto 6. This time, the next series of the popular game series has been directly confirmed by the Mexican actor Jorge Consejo, who publicly admitted in his career portfolio that he had dubbed the voice for one of the characters to appear in GTA 6.

The Mexican?

Jorge Consejo is an actor known mainly to the Mexican TV audience. He hasn’t dubbed voices in games or cartoons so far; thus, GTA 6 is his first experience. In his career portfolio, he revealed that the character he’d dubbed the voice for was “The Mexican.”

The new entry caused a wave of questions from fans. Consejo realized what he’d done and didn’t want to spill the beans anymore. He didn’t deny anything, though.

It’s easy to guess what project is being talked about. It’s, however, worth noting one more thing. The post in the portfolio implies the completion contract date as of 2018, and the voice recording is usually the last of the game production phases. It may suggest that Grand Theft Auto 6 is coming sooner than expected.

No matter whether GTA6 is going to be announced soon or not, somehow, unofficially, we’ve got to know the first character from the game. Who’s “The Mexican”? Is he an optimistic protagonist or an enemy? We don’t know that yet.

Do you know if the non-disclosure agreement was breached?

The whole situation has raised some doubts since non-disclosure agreements usually bind the actors who record voices for games. Consejo, who has recorded dialogs for a match for the first time, could’ve unconsciously breached the agreement terms, but he can also be confabulating. The second possibility is rather unlikely because he has a solid reputation on the market. Even assuming the first version, we can’t be 100% sure that GTA 6 is in development. Though, this is very likely.

We should, therefore, wait patiently until Rockstar is so kind to us and officially announces the new release of the Grand Theft Auto series

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