gta online dollars

1.35 million GTA dollars to get in GTA Online this week!

Rockstar Games studio informed that it will be possible to get additional money in GTA Online this week.

gta online dollars

By logging in to the game at least once, we will receive 750 thousands of virtual dollars. For each consecutive day that we will launch the production – up until November 26th, this sum will increase for 100 thousands. In total, it will be possible to get 1,35 million GTA dollars.The money will be deposited onto players’ bank accounts in Maze Bank on December 3rd.

But that’s not all – at the same time the developers decided to double the amount of money and Reputation Points one can get by participating in selecting missions and events, like for example Sumo Remix, Biker Work & Challenge, Biker Sell Mission, as well as Running Back Remix. In addition to that, the security guards and partners, who take part in organization activities, will earn twice more.

While spending the money we earned thanks to special events, it is worth to draw our attention to the variety of discounts and special occasions – we can, for example, purchase sports cars, aeroplanes, or mansions way cheaper.

The list of discounts

gta online

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