gta 6 narcos

GTA 6 inspired by the TV series Narcos?

The user of Reddit shared information regarding the latest part of Grand Theft Auto. According to this news, the next installment will take us back to Vice City, and we will take the role of Ricardo, who is smuggling drugs.

gta 6 narcos

When it comes to gameplay itself, the authors are planning to keep the balance between realism and gameplay. The game won’t be as realistic as RDR 2. However, just as in Red Dead Redemption 2, keeping all the arsenal with us or in our backpack will not be possible. Our car will be a hiding place and storage room, just like horse saddles RDR2. Buildings and vehicles will change with time. For example, the older and less common cars will become more expensive as time passes. The game will contain weather events such as hurricanes or floods, and many characters will speak their native language, making the gameplay much more realistic.

gta 6 vcity

Taking Rumors with a Grain of Salt

Rumors also say that the production will appear only after the newest generation consoles appear. However, the precise date of release is yet unknown. In this extensive entry, there was also information that, at the same time, producers work on yet another title, which most likely is Bully 2. In one of the comments, the author revealed that in the next installment, we will once again personate Ji, a first-year university student. However, let us remember that all this information is not confirmed; it happens in the case of Internet rumors as well as leaks; we should always take them with a grain of salt. Still, the series fans should believe that the return to Vice City will happen in the latest part of Grand Theft Auto.

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