The new graphics on the Rockstar website - New game?

The new graphics on the Rockstar website – New game?

Rockstar has updated its official website, adding two new graphics, which can’t be matched against any product currently sold by the company. Therefore, speculations emerged that they refer to a not-yet-announced title.

The new graphics on the Rockstar website - New game?

Rockstar’s official website has recently been updated. As a result, new mysterious graphics have appeared, one depicting an android with a bottle of champagne and the other the company logo looking like a film poster of the 70s. Both artworks are supposedly unrelated to any title currently sold by an American giant. Hence, they may refer to an upcoming one which has not yet been announced.

Second Artwork Raises Curiosity

The first image is retro-futuristic. We can see in it a woman embracing the studio’s logo. Next to her sits a bottle of champagne. Interestingly, Reddit’s users spotted a “1998” text on it. This is when Rockstar was founded. One can speculate that the image signals the company’s birthday. The problem is, however, the company was created in December.

The other image looks like a spy movie poster of the 70s. The logo of Rockstar was placed in it as two intriguing slogans:

“Would you please tell me what went wrong? ”

“Killing dreams. Murdering hopes.”

We are fighting with the righteous and bullying the weak. A question then arises: what project can Rockstar prepare? Rumour has it that the American company is working on a GTA VI and Bully 2. I guess we’ll find out whether it’s true soon.

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