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GTA 6 may appear in 2022. Will the series return to Vice City?

According to rumours, GTA 6 will be released in 2022. The place of the action may be the south of the United States, the city of Vice City that is well known to the fans.

At the YouTube account ‘The Know’, there was an information suggesting that GTA VI is going to be available for launch on our computers in 2022. The game is supposed to move us to Vice City, a place based on Miami, where we found ourselves twice already: in 2002 and 2006 (we’re talking here about GTA Vice City made solely for PC, PlayStation 2, and Xbox, as well as Vice City Stories, which was issued for PS2 and PlayStation Portable).

gta 6

Interestingly, the game will allow us to move to South America, what may suggest storyline (or gameplay-related) connections with infamous drug cartels. According to other information from the same source, GTA VI will be the first instalment in the history of the cycle, where it will be possible to control a female character (the news we heard before). It is an interesting idea – a female perspective could show us typical, gangster theme known in the series from different, less traditional side.

GTA VI: Insights and Clues from Past Leaks

It is worth to note that even though information presented above should be regarded as gossips, the aforementioned YouTube channel was also the source of the leak thanks to which we learn about Dark Souls 3 in 2015. In that case the information from ‘The Know’ occurred to be real. What’s more, if we take into account the fact that action of GTA V took place in a city based on a very popular “City of Angels”, Los Santos, and GTA IV located its action in Liberty City (fictional version of New York), it is more than probable that the location of GTA VI will be on the south and inserting it in Vice City appears to be a logical thing to do, ensuring the variety of the game. In addition, GTA:VC, which was inspired by such movies like Miami Vice or Scarface, enjoyed, and still enjoys, huge sympathy among the fans.

We are going to wait for quite some time on Rockstar Games to confirm – or deny – all these revelations (and even if they are true, everything can change to 2022). However, there’s no need to complain, because another game announced to be released in this year from this studio will comfort us: Red Dead Redemption 2.

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