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A simple trick in GTA Online lets you teleport yourself to the side of the road

One youtuber presented a simple trick, thanks to which the players of GTA Online may easily teleport themselves to the side of the nearest road

A few days ago a youtuber under the nickname of Toxic Misfits presented to his audience a simple gimmick, which allows the player of GTA Online quickly teleport themselves to the nearest road. This trick may appear to be useful when, for instance, we'll get lost in the mountains without a car and want to avoid a tiresome walk on foot.


To make it happen, we should choose one of the following mini-vehicles: RC Bandito, RC Tank or Nano Drone. It will automatically be transfered to the nearest road, however, you should know that after leaving the vehicle you'll be simply back to the latest location of your character. Still, the self-distruction of a given vehicle makes our protagonist teleport himself to the place we've done it. A detailed instruction how to make it happen, you'll also find in the short film below.

GTA Online always keeps us in the loop with its minor errors, which sometimes though can make the play difficult. Recently we wrote about the fact that one of the players, because of an error, lost the car won in the casino. Then, at the beginning of this month, an intresting glitch that let you become immortal was found.

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