GTA Online is under siege by hackers and modders

As a consenquence of giving the game Grand Theft Auto V  for free on the Epic Games Store website, Grand Theft Auto Online is experiencing a siege by hackers and modders. It's not hard to guess that the community is being disappointed.



  • GTA Online is currently experiencing a siege by hackers and modders who make it difficult to play the game.
  • It's been caused by the fact that Grand Theft Auto V is currently available for free in Epic Games Store.

The possibility of getting Grand Theft Auto V for free until 21 May in Epic Games Store has caused the online mayhem. Theoretically, only few complaints should be made. Some players are pleased to have another free title in their game collection. Rockstar can proudly observe the next jump in the popularity of its brand, and Epic Games itself celebrates the fact of being in the centre of attention. Though, there's a group that feels disappointed with it, that is the Grand Theft Auto Online lovers. Some of them, from the beginning, did have certain doubts that a drastic increase of the number of the GTA V owners could result in the decline of the online play mode comfort. And they were right. Online, there are currently reports on the wave of hackers and modders in Grand Theft Auto Online (via Game Rant).


Reddit's users are saying about odd, modified machines that appear in Grand Theft Auto Online and disrupt the game. Others report that after logging in they can't move and random characters and vehicles appear above them. Some complaints include a purposeful servers load by the massive use of various items by hackers, which causes their 'crash', and, simply, gaining the unfair disadvantage by the cheaters.


Although Rockstar may be currently pretty overhelmed by such a huge surge in a number of cheaters in Grand Theft Auto Online, it rather doesn't mean that this fact will be long-lasting. The online mode GTA V is still making loads of money and a sudden flee of many honest players, frustrated with the presence of hackers and malicious modders would be fairly painful for both "Rock stars" and the publisher, Take-Two Interactive. Therefore, certainly, all possible measures will be undertaken so as to stabilise the situation as soon as possible.


 Let's remind that Grand Theft Auto V has been available on PC since 2015. Until now, the title has been the best reviewed game released for this platform (via Metacritic) and since its premiere ranked highly on the bestseller lists, for instance on Steam, where, only last week, despite the giveaway in Epic Games Store, it was ranked 8th.

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