GTA 5 breaks the bank on American sales lists!

For the last 74 months the Grand Theft Auto 5 has been the absolute bestseller in the US, at the same time breaking a new record of the longest remaining title in the very TOP 20 for the last decade, beating in this category, among others, the Minecraft. As seen, the popularity of the fifth series definitely remains strong.


Although the Grand Theft Auto V has been running on nearly two generations consoles, it instantly remains high positions in sales list rankings, breaking more and more records of popularity (in the second quarter of this year, it reached 115 millions of the sold items), and has been granted the bestselling game of all times on the retail British market. This time the work of Rockstar has reached the next outstanding result: hasn't come off of the top 20 bestsellers in America for 74 months, so nearly after its premiere on PS3 and X360 (missed only one month).

The above data ( top 20 of sold games of the last decade) have been only partly released by Matt Piscatelle from an analytical group of NPD, on his Twitter account. The data include the sales for all platforms (including Nintendo Switch and Wii U), as well as likely the digital distribution. The NPD Group tends to exclude the digital sales, but in such cases it makes a proper note. In the cases of games, Take-Two usually takes into account all the platforms. It's worth pointing out the data presented below don't yet include the December results. Still, it's highly unlikely for the GTA V to lose its position, especially that in December they made a successful update with the casino robberies. 

GTA V has defeated such titles as Minecraft, however, it was a close call as the latter one has remained its top position for 73 months. However, it should be noticed that the premiere of  Markus Persson's game was in 2011, so it needed two more years to have achieved such result. Meanwhile, the GTA V did not only take over other competitors but also its own premiere date, because being just 6 years on the market, it governs in the category of the longest top remaining games in the last decade. It also regularly fights the attention of the player against various incarnations of Battle Royale rounds or the MMO games, and it still wins. In Poland, it also governs the sales ranks, often taking the podium.

The game is popular due to many reasons. The GTA V is one of the most recognised games to this day in terms of freedom to take actions in an open world. On the one hand, Rockstar continuously supports its product, or rather its multiplayer mode - GTA Online - both releasing amendments and a new content. The latter involves especially the successful update launching Diamond Casino & Resort, ensuring the game the record-breaking numbers of users, per day, week and month in the period oc July and August this year, respectively, as well as being the biggest label so far.

On the other hand, the players themselves prolong the game's life. There're many modes for GTA V that introduce new fun possibilities for the singleplayer mode, but also the community show great initiative in GTA Online from the fans imposing some challenges  on themselves (and somewhat the creators), through various forms of entertainment like role-playing, as far as to the protesting fractions from Hongkong, which keep fighting against each other to protect their own national identity just inside the multiplayer mode of GTA. Only this keeps proving that the game is some sort of a societal phenomenon.

Despite the GTA V tremendous popularity, the fans already can't wait until its next series. So far we only know that its creators are planning the one, and now and then next waves of gossips and speculations on a possible content and game location hit the Internet, some of which we've mentioned yet today.

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