Rumour: player finding the place of action of GTA 6 in GTA Online

One of the GTA series fans, after the analysis of the new racing track in GTA Online stated that it is a hint regarding the places we can travel to in a new series release. He's been guided by one of the GTAForums users.


  • ▪ a GTA fan analysing the new racing tracks in GTA Online has concluded that one of them reveals the place of action of the upcoming series release;
  • ▪ as far as he's concerned he points out three American locations - Mexico, Florida as well as the suburbs of the Michigan state - which would go in line with the rumours regarding the localizing of GTA VI, among others, in Vice City;
  • ▪ an idea concerning the analysis of the tracks came up after seeing one of gonnaenodaethat's posts, the guy is famous for sharing the cryptic information of Rockstar's productions.


On the list of the most awaited games of which we haven't heard yet GTA VI would be on the top of it. The Rockstar Games studio for the last two years has proved numerous times that it perfectly knows how to create a title that will attract a great number of players, as well as how to make profits out of it even years after the premiere (see - GTA Online and Read Dead Online). No wonder that exceptions towards the new release of the gangsta series are really high.

Thus, the most avid fans of the series are constantly making up new theories and spinning rumours about the premiere date or the location of GTA VI. One of them, tenet007, even claims that the track added to the Open Wheel Racing update suggests the cities we'll be visiting in the new series. He explained his theory in detail on the graphics shared on the portal Imgur (see it below).

Perhaps you're wondering how it did happen that tenet007 has decided to look closer at the racing tracks and linked their appearance with the right cities, suggesting the locations in GTA VI? Gonnaenodaethat had his part in it (we wrote about him here). The GTAForums user who has for some time been posting mysterious entries virtually everyday, which earlier had also been appearing before the trailer of the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2. What's more, it's worth remembering that the moderators of the mentioned forum, who are usually very strict towards the posts against the terms, seem not to pay attention to his often senseless posts. Gonnaenodaethat is said that 'he must know something, but no one knows what'.


The mentioned user, straight after the premiere of the update Open Wheel Racing published a short post on the forum saying "Cartographers, start your engines!". This made teneta007 to observe the layout of the new tracks. According to him, the appearance of one of them - Height of Society - is almost identical to the three locations of America (Mexico, Florida and the suburbs of the state of Michigan). And what can you see on the map? Personally, I reckon that the place in red is nothing else than the upside-down Roznowskie Lake (seriously, check out the map).


One could seem, though, that teneta007's theory confirms the rumours that in GTA VI we'll land again in Vice City (Florida) and in fact we're going to become Ricardo - the narcotic smuggler. The title is to be strongly inspired on the TV series Narcos. Still, we have to yet wait for the confirmation of all the rumours and fans' conjectures.

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