Formula 1 in GTA Online - the Open Wheel Racing update!

An Open Wheel Racing update for GTA Online, thanks to which players can sit behind the wheel of Formula 1 cars, has arrived. The game has been enriched with seven special tracks and two racing cars, which you can customise your way.

A new content has just been added to GTA Online as the update Open Wheel Racing, that allows players to sit behind the wheel of Formula 1 cars and take part in the San Andreas Prix, in order to win valuable prizes. Drivers have received seven special tracks (e.g. Height of Society i Brace for Impact) and two new racing cars - PR4 and R88. Both can be customised in different ways through changing of tyres, engine mods and spoilers, however, it's worth noting that they don't differ much when it comes to speed.


Yet at the beginning of this month, we informed that the sales of the GTA V alone exceeded 120 million items. The product is still breaking records of popularity, which undoubtedly results from continuous updates of the online segment of the title. In August, last year, the casino was added (unavailable in Poland), whose opening attracted the record number of players within one day and a whole week. Thus, the developers, as long as they don't abandon GTA Online in favour of a similar mode in GTA VI, don't have to worry about the decline in the game popularity.


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