Top 5 free games like GTA for iOS

The GTA series has inspired a whole bunch of free mobile games.

There are many free games out there, such as GTA for iOS, whose features resembles the well-known GTA.

The GTA series is very popular on platforms like PC and consoles, and when it got adapted to Android and iOS systems, it has gained even more fans. However, GTA series both for Android and iOS are paid games. And if we don't want to spend much money to play them, there are other options worth considering.

In this article, we're going to look at the 5 best free games, similar to GTA, you can play on your iPad and iPhone

Top 5 free games like GTA for iOS

  • MadOut2 BigCityOnline


MadOut2 has also been adjusted to mobile platforms, similarly to the GTA series. MadOut2 is also called a Russian version of GTA, mainly because both games feature a lot of same characteristics.

MadOut2 has an enormous open world map, which the player can explore, and plenty of vehicles you can try out on roads. Besides, the game features a lot of main and side missions, therefore, you'll not get bored. Additionally, the game features a multiplayer server, with the capacity of up to 100. As a matter of fact, this is probably one thing that distinguishes it from GTA.

2) Gangstar New Orleans:

Gangstsr New Orleans is a popular series of adventure action games, that are constantly popular in the mobile games industry. The game features an open map of New Orleans - the city full of criminals and gangsters.

Gangstar New Orleans takes a lot from the GTA series, including various vehicles you can ride or luxury residences you can buy. There are a lot of missions taking place in all different districts on the map. Lastly, the game pays much attention to the real gang wars, showing who the city boss is.

3) Crime Auto:

Crime Auto is literally a GTA San Andreas clone.  The game features protagonists almost identical to those in San Andreas, including the total copy of CJ. The game seems an interesting alternative to GTA.

With more than 30 various missions to complete and more than 40 various cars to steal, the game focuses on gang violence and criminal activities, in order to earn money and respect. The open world map is based on Los Angeles, which was also an inspiration for San Andreas.


4) Gangster War Mafia Hero

Gangster War Mafia Hero is another copy of GTA San Andreas, which is easy to understand, since San Andreas used to be one of the most popular titles of GTA series.

Gangster War Mafia Hero is set on an enormous map of Las Vegas - the home-to- be of your criminal imperial. The player can go from one place on the map to another in various available cars and take up different missions to move on to the next level. Needless to say that gang violence and wars are the key elements of the gameplay.

5) Real Crime Simulator

The Real Crime Simulator action is set in a fictional Vice Town - an equivalent to Vice City. The game borrows most of the GTA gameplay elements, among others, police car chases the player can be part of. What's more, Real Crime Simulator divides the map into separate areas ruled by different gangs, you have to fight against and defeat in order to conquer their territory. The player has a heavy arsenal of weapons at his disposal, to be used to defeat all kinds of enemies waiting for you while you are climbing up the Mafia-world ladder.

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