GTA 6, BioShock 3? Take 2 announced the return of „their biggest hits”

In the report that summarized the second quarter of the financial year 2020, Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Take-Two Interactive, assured that the company has currently got the most ambitious developing plans in their history. It regards both new series as well as the continuations of the old franchises.

Traditionally, at the turn of October and November, large companies tend to boast with their financial results for the second quarter of new financial year. Take-Two Interactive is no exception in this regard. The full report can be found on this page. Importantly, you will find there not only the information regarding the income of the productions you found on the market. At one point of the document, Strauss Zelnick gave us a small hint of what players can expect in the next years. 

“Looking at the future, Take-Two Interactive has got the most ambitious developing plans in the history of the studio. It will regard both continuations of the biggest hits as well as brand new IPs. We are actively investing in the east markets, platforms, as well as business models and we are very well prepared to use the positive trends in the market, as well as generateprofits and begin an expansion in a long-term perspective.”


The observers focused primarily on the fragment that said about “continuations of the biggest hits”. The new speculations began about what Zelnick had in mind as first release. The most probably certainty is definitely yet another edition of a basketball simulator NBA 2K, which in spite of larger and larger controversies, still provides large profits. Grant Theft Auto VI is almost undisputed when it comes to the next continuation. The latest leaks suggests that it may debut around the premiere of PlayStation 5, which is announced on 2020. Nonetheless, Rockstar may have several other surprises up in their sleeve. The best proof are the words of the former employee from an Indian charter from the last month. 

When Zelnick said about new instalments of their greatest hits, he might have meant another instalment of BioShock. There were lots of rumours about that as well. In April last year, we wrote that there was a small group of employees from 2K Games studio delegated to work on an earlyproduction. In the near or fistant future, we can also expect new Borderlands cycles. The sales of “third” part exceeded all expectations and it is almost impossible that Gearbox and Take-Two Interactive abandoned the series.

Of course as it usually happens in such cases, we should bear in mind that these are merely speculations. If; however, they have anything to do with the truth, then we should expect several interesting announcements from Take-Two interactive and studios they own in the next several months. 

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