Rumours about GTA 6's announcement

Jason Schreier commented the rumours on the  announcement of Grand Theft Auto VI on Twitter. According to the known journalist, no official information about the next cult series of Rockstar's studio should be appearing any time soon.


The known industry journalist Jason Schreier has decided to cool down the enthusiasm of the people looking forward to the announcement of  Grand Theft Auto VI. He replied to one of the fans' posts on Twitter, that in the neat future we shouldn't rather expect the official information on a new release of the aloud action game series from Rockstar revealed to the world.


In recent weeks there have been a lot of rumours on the subject of Grand Theft Auto VI. Reddit's users, hungry of the comeback of the famous series, were digging for even the tiniest info on the title's trailer hoping for it to arrive soon. A few days ago, the hopes went even higher with changes taking place on the domain. Based on the explanation from Schreier though, they didn't indicate anything relevant.

It's worth mentioning that the last release of the GTA series, "V", had its premiere yet on consoles of the previous generation in 2013. The title was greatly acclaimed by the industry media, and has been high in bestsellers' rankings until these days.

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