GTA Online – people are losing their assets, and the protagonists grow bald due to error

Numerous GTA players are complaining on Reddit forum that their protagonists has somehow lost their possessions - among others, the apartaments, vehicles or weapons. In some cases the bug causes the change of the character's appearance.



  • numerous players report that after logging onto GTA Online they've lost part of their possessions, such as vehicles, apartments or weapons
  • with no reason, the appearance of some characters also changes
  • the account balance and the character's level remain the same
  • It's unknows what causes the problem, the players haven't found any solution yet.


Numerous Reddit forum's users report that after the login onto GTA Online they've lost a bulk of the collected fortune. Various, apparently random items and goods keep disappearing - it's hard to spot here any rule. Also, it's uncertain what causes the situation. The victims are usually the PC players, but users of other platforms have also confirmed the problem.


"PC-Steam. I've lost everything but the level of the character, money (I'm not sure about the tokens) and my yacht. I still have some basic weapons", sewershagger writes.

"I've got the same: PC-Steam. I've lost the apartment, office, night club. Terrorbyte (a special lorry), two garages, helicopter and my car. Only the money and the character's level remained", writes DerSenderchef

What's interesting, some players also report that for unknown reasons the appearance of their characters or the colours, or other qualities of the possessed items has changed


"The yacht has changed the colour and the country. It only concerns my current character. My female hero has suddenly got the big, reddish cheeks. I've finished the game in my casino's apartament and this casino is my start point, i.e. the spawn point), but today, for some reason, I've appeared in a random point on the map. Ironically, it was in fron of the Eugenics Inc" - describes spintersailor.


Some people report that when attempting a purchase an error pops up: „Transaction failed because inventory or pricedata is invalid”.


"PC-Steam. For no reason I've lost my assets, all vehicles and a bulk of weapons. I tried to buy a garage and received the text: „Transaction failed because inventory or pricedata is invalid”. In addition, my character has started to get bald, I've no idea if there's any connection to that", writes ScoopySara

Others notice that the characters affected by the bug cannot acquire new assets (they can make a transaction, but the item is lost after the next login).


"I've also lost everything, but I think I'm starting to understand. Everyone who's been affected by this problem, has the same make-up. We also can't buy items, that is, our character keeps being reset and replaced by a "temporary" mode, i.e. placeholder. But, on the Rockstar website, you can check your weapons, which means that our profiles are still saved on the servers. During the login to the game we're probably "blocked" and don't receive the information about our character", claims David432853

The whole situation reminds of a much belated Fool's April prank, but taking all into account it isn't one. The users tried different methods to solve the problem (including, e.g.: erasing the game's cache), still, however, none of them has been successful so far. The only solution seems to be the contact with the Rockstar Games customer service, reporting the situation and the lost items, and then the wait with hope that the developers react quickly enough.

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