GTA 6 trailer coming soon? Reddit on the track

Reddit's user claims that he's got on the track of a person who has undisclosed information on GTA VI. Allegedly, the person is gonnaenodaethat, who's publishing mysterious, lacking sense posts on the GTAForums website, and usually strict moderators seems to not notice his entries.


  • an entry of bozidarlic user came up on Reddit; he's claiming he knows someone who has detailed information on GTA VI (e.g. the trailer or game release date)
  • this person is allegedly gonnaenodaethat, who's posting cryptic entries on the GTAForums website;
  • the most important argument in his favour is the fact that usually rigid moderators don't delete his posts, and such also had been appearing before the announcement of the RDR2 series.


The user bozidarlilic on the Reddit forum, dedicated to Grand Theft Auto VI, insists he's come up on the track of someone who knows something more on the newest release of the popular Rockstar game series. According to him, it's the person nicknamed gonnaenodaethat, who practically every day is posting mysterious entriesin threads about GTA VI on the GTAForums website (dedicated to Rockstar's titles). 

Ok then, but what's different about this user in comparison to others, apart from the fact that his writings don't indicate anything concrete? Bozidarilic made a list of such stuff. The most important is likely to be the fact that moderators of the mentioned forum, who are usually very strict when it comes to posts against the terms and conditions, seem to not pay attention to his senseless claims. In general, attention-seeking trolls or fake informants are banned quickly enough. But the user gonnaenodaerhat has been posting for some time now and so far no one has stopped him from doing so. What's more, it's worth noticing that he'd also started his series of mysterious posts 3 weeks ahead of the trailer of the PC version Reed Dead Redemption 2, and 'moderators' were pinning up his messages so that to be reaching a higher number of readers.

So what does this mean for those looking forward to the official trailer of GTA VI? Frankly, nothing certain yet, besides the guesses that it's likely to be sooner than we think. Unfortunately, from the posts of the abovementioned user alone we'll not find out anything meaningful.

There have lately been quite a lot of unconfirmed information about GTA VI. At the end of the last year we learned that the title was to come out in 2021 and take us to Vice City, as well as to the one modelled on Rio de Janeiro of 70s and 80s of XX century. Apparently, we're to be Ricardo - a narcotic smuggler - and the title will be inspired on the series Narcos.

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