5 best games like GTA 5 for Android

If you are both an Android user and GTA's fan, you might be looking for the classic GTA 5 vibe. There are several games for Android that have the same entertainment type equivalent in an open world, as well as the storyline focused on the gang violence and racing.

These are the top five games for Android that most closely resemble GTA 5.

Grand Gangsters 3D

Although this game for Android has plenty to do with the gameplay offered by GTA 5, Grand Gangsters 3D is more about car theft rather than anything else. This game offers a similar mechanics of an open world, in which you can steal cars, shoot at gangs, race, and participate in car chases around Sin City.

Payback 2 The Battle Sandbox

Payback 2 is designed as a sandbox with an open world, where you can take up various missions, which resembles the GTA 5 experience. The graphics is definitely worse than the GTA 5's, but focuses on gang violence and shooting, even more present than in GTA.

Madout 2 Big City Online

Madout 2 is another title for Android, that is similar to GTA 5. The game is abundant with cars - more than 30 different modeld, as well as the heavy arsenal of weapons to choose from. Madout 2 focuses much on races, and even offers a dedicated race mode. The graphics may be irritating, but you're going to get used to it the more you play.

Gangster Vegas

Gangster Vegas is one of the Gangster series for Android, which used to be often compared with GTA because of the similarities between the two. Gangster Vegas presents an open world gameplay, in which the action is set in Las Vegas. The player is the boxer hunted by a mafia boss, and the featured missions are really interesting.

Go to Town 5

Another brilliant game for Android, Go to Town 5, is kept in a GTA theme, but with the more vivid graphics. Game lets you drive round the neighbourhood, perform simple but funny missions, swim in the sea, and also fly a helicopter. The game controls may seem difficult and hard to master, but having enough time you can get used to the smooth gameplay.

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